Retain your Sweet Smile with 3D Computer Imaging Technology Backed Invisalign Treatment

Everybody adores a radiant smile which automatically fills the room with love and happiness. A vibrant smile is an indication of confidence and a pleasing personality. But, the charm of a smile completely depends on your dental health. As the popular saying goes, “The health of your mouth reflects the condition of your body as a whole”. The Academy of General Dentistry further states that there is a strong relationship between dental problems and other health complications such as stroke and heart diseases. Unfortunately, today, many people are struggling with oral problems such as crowded teeth, cross-bites, overbite, under bite, and open bite. The good news is that people with misaligned teeth can restore their smile with the help of Invisalign Treatment, offered by Gentle Braces, a renowned Orthodontist in Aventura.

Their treatment is widely preferred by dental patients as the orthodontist Invisalign is developed using a unique 3D computer imaging system. This system is developed by a team of seasoned dentists using advanced technology. In the initial stage, multiple images of current tooth position are taken to develop an alignment plan, then for two weeks, the braces are changed till the teeth get properly aligned. After this, new aligners are merged with the teeth after two weeks. In the final process, the coveted position of teeth is attained after carrying out the process in multiple cycles, based on tooth condition.

Gentle Braces is a well-recognized name in the dental care industry and has evolved as a leader in this sophisticated process of Invisalign treatment. They implement the most contemporary dental practices using state-of-the-art technologies to provide best oral solutions to patients at most competitive prices. This reputed orthodontist in Aventura provides incomparable care and individualized attention to patients for implementing the process of treatment as per their dental condition. So, improve of your dental problems and smile gracefully with effective Invisalign treatment from Gentle Braces.

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